Please restrict access to regular users and above only! Guest accounts and twitted users shouldn't have access to DoorParty.

Here is the URL for plink, a command-line tool from the creators of PuTTy SSH: LINK

Here is the URL for Rick Parrish's TelnetDoor: LINK

And now, for the instructions to set everything up to get you running!

Thanks to Ruben Figueroa for helping figure this one out!

If not using NET2BBS to accept telnet calls, then you would need to figure out a way to find and pass the socket handle to NFU and NetFoss. That is currently beyond the scope of this HOW-TO.

1. Create a directory to hold TelnetDoor and plink. I suggest something off the root directory, like C:\DP

2. Extract the TelnetDoor archive to a temporary directory. Head to the sub-directory \BIN\RELEASE and move everything in there to the DP directory.

3. Rename TelnetDoor.exe to TDoor.exe

4. Create a batch file named DPARTY.BAT.

5. Create another batch file named DP_SSH.BAT in the same directory.

6. Open DPARTY.BAT and enter the following, changing the paths to reflect yours:


copy c:\gap\door.sys c:\gap\node%1

cmd.exe /C dp_ssh.bat %1

7. Now open the second batch file, DP_SSH.BAT and enter this, again changing paths and info to reflect yours:


@setlocal enableextensions enabledelayedexpansion
@echo off
set lines=36
set curr=1
for /f "delims=" %%a in ('type c:\gap\NODE%1\door.sys') do (
    for %%b in (!lines!) do (
        if !curr!==%%b set username=%%a
    set /a "curr = curr + 1"
set PORT=9999
set NODE=%1
start "SSH%1" /min plink -C -batch -l USERNAME -pw PASSWORD -P 2022 -L -N
timeout /t 1
C:\netfoss\NFU C:\GAP\NODE%1\ "C:\dp\tdoor.exe -R -Dc:\GAP\NODE%1\door32.sys -S127.0.0.1 -P%PORT% -Y[NEW]%USERNAME%"
taskkill /fi "windowtitle eq SSH%1"

When your application is approved, the [NEW] tag is going to be specific to your system and will be assigned uniquely to your BBS; this will identify your BBS to the DoorParty server. MAKE SURE TO CHANGE IT WHEN YOUR TAG IS ASSIGNED!

8. Enter the path to the DPARTY.BAT file in your DOORS area on your GAP BBS.

Lastly, open up a command prompt and enter this before trying to connect to the server. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, you need to accept the host key to be entered into your registry this one time! It won't ask again after this. Just close the window after it connects. Remember to fill in your assigned username and password.

plink -l USERNAME -pw PASSWORD -P 2022 -L -N

That's it, you're done! Test it out by logging in trying it out. If there's an issue connecting, double-check the instructions and your settings. If it all seems right, then either DoorParty is down, or more likely there might be other issues.

Check out the forums here to see if others have the same issue, or to ask for help.

sysop 07/17/2016 13:48