Please restrict access to regular users and above only! Guest accounts and twitted users shouldn't have access to DoorParty.

For direct door usage, you'll have to use the download from the Custom Direct Door Install Package page.

1. You'll need to have node.js and npm installed on your system in order to use this application. It should work with node.js versions 4.x and greater, and should run equally well on Windows, Linux, OS X, or anywhere else that node.js runs.

If you have git installed:

git clone

If you downloaded the zip file instead:

mv doorparty-connector-master doorparty-connector

2. Install DoorParty Connector:

cd doorparty-connector
npm install

3. Open settings.json in a text editor, and you'll see something like this:

    "username" : "doorparty_ssh_username",
    "password" : "doorparty_ssh_password",
    "interface" : "localhost",
    "port" : 9999,
    "SSHServer" : "",
    "SSHPort" : 2022,
    "RLoginServer" : "",
    "RLoginPort" : 513

  • Change username and password to your DoorParty SSH credentials
  • Change interface to the local interface to listen on
  • Change port to whatever port you wish to accept RLogin connections from your BBS on
  • The other settings can remain the same, unless DoorParty's remote configuration changes at some point

4. Now, run it. If you're listening to port 513 on the local machine, you'll either need to run with superuser privileges or work some redirection magic on the back end.

node index.js

In the long term, you may wish to consider using a node.js process manager such as forever or pm2 to launch DoorParty Connector and keep it running.

5. Now launch Mystic's config by typing:

$ sudo ./mystic -cfg

6. Go to Editors > pick the theme you want to edit > pick the menu you want to edit. Select IR for the command, and enter this for the DATA:


Change the [NEW] tag to your assigned BBS tag, and change RANDOM_CHARS to a bunch of random characters; the longer and more random, the better.
Exit and save, then exit Mystic's config.

And that's it!

sysop 07/17/2016 13:49