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DoorParty hosted proxy

EDIT: Had to temporarily take the public doorparty-connector down due to massive amounts of bots, literally in the mid 5 digits in 9 hours. Will post a new update once it's back online.

DoorParty now hosts its own doorparty-connector!

What does this mean for you? Well, it means you don't have to setup and run doorparty-connector to connect to DoorParty!

This is an especially attractive option for those that either can't, or won't host their own doorparty-connector (older BBS software, and WorldGroup for example).

Instructions are included in the custom package found in the Custom Direct Door Install Package page.

You just need to be able to RLogin out, either with the included DoorParty.exe file, or natively (Mystic, Synchronet).

There's also an included modified WorldGroup RLogin module for WorldGroup sysops that lets you change the port to connect with and set your DoorParty tag! It also allows direct access to each door DoorParty offers to make it as seemless as possible for your users, if that's what you wish.

10/06/2019 17:26 · sysop

DP Approval Process

Hey everyone! Some really cool news.

I've spent the last few days working on a Python BBS mod. This is going to allow everyone to apply for DoorParty through my BBS instead of the wiki.

What does this mean for everyone? Well, it means it tidies up the process on my end A TON, which will make it faster for everyone that applies to get a response and approval!

The process to approve the last six years meant opening four different web pages (email, SHA1 encrypt requested pw, edit a list of user credentials, add to list of systems on the wiki), adding info of the approved BBS to this wiki, opening a VNC connection to the DoorParty server to add the user credentials for SSH, opening a form letter text file, copying and pasting to the application email, copying and pasting SHA1 pw to response, adding SSH info manually to the reply, and sending the reply email.

Kind of a PITA.

This new process means I can hit one button from your app on the BBS and do all that in one go, which means you can get approved in hours or minutes instead of days!

The mod just needs some screens to pretty it up, and it'll be ready for public consumption.

Stay tuned!

09/13/2019 12:44 · sysop

New doorparty-connector!

echicken is working on a new version of doorparty-connector, the software that allows you to connect to DoorParty securely and easily.

This new version is even easier to use, and doesn't require the use of nodejs to install or editing of .json files. No installer, either; just uncompress the ZIP file, plop it into the directory of your choice, edit the .ini with some info, and run it!

The .ini file also includes the option to place your BBS tag as well now, which means even easier use.

I'll be updating the custom connect package soon to include the newest version of doorparty-connector every time there's an available update as well, and updated instructions in the DOCs and this wiki.

Stay tuned to this page to find out when it's available!

09/09/2019 12:18 · sysop

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