Please restrict access to regular users and above only! Guest accounts and twitted users shouldn't have access to DoorParty.

1. Install sshpass:

$ sudo apt-get install sshpass

2. Install rsh-redone-client</del>

$ sudo apt-get install rsh-redone-client

Connect to the SSH server first by typing in a terminal:

sshpass -p PASSWORD ssh -f -p 2022 -L -N

replacing the username and password with your assigned DoorParty username and password.

When asked to accept the the RSA key fingerprint, type YES and hit ENTER. You can close the terminal afterwards.

3. Create a bash script in your /mystic directory named Edit it with your favorite text editor and enter this into it:

# DoorParty Linux bash script
LOCAL_PORT=$((9999 + $1))

sshpass -p PASSWORD ssh -f -p 2022 -L $ -N

rlogin -l [NEW]$2 -p $LOCAL_PORT localhost

kill $(lsof -t -i:$LOCAL_PORT)

# DoorParty Linux bash script
while true
sshpass -p PASSWORD ssh -p 2022 -L -N
sleep 2

Again, change the username, password to your assigned DoorParty info, also replacing [NEW] with your assigned BBS tag.

4. Now launch Mystic's config by typing:

$ sudo ./mystic -cfg

5. Go to Editors > pick the theme you want to edit > pick the menu you want to edit. Select IR D3 for the command, and enter this for the DATA:


./ %3 %U

Change the [NEW] tag to your assigned BBS tag, and change RANDOM_CHARS to a bunch of random characters; the longer and more random, the better.

Exit and save, then exit Mystic's config.

6. Now change ownership of the scripts to your Linux login, giving it read and write access, and also making them executable.

And that's it! If you have any questions, be sure to check here for help.

sysop 07/17/2016 13:49